As parents and school teachers we are always needing to keep current on the key news and trends to assure the children are receiving the best supervision and education possible.  When it comes to teaching and guiding kids it is essential that us caretakers and teachers can relate to and understand the world’s they live in.   Not only is it essential to pull from our own past childhood trials and tribulations but also about understanding what is happening in the current moment when it comes to relevant topics and subject matter.  Its can be difficult to know how to reach out to kids at times let alone help them develop appropriately when you are not setting aside the time to participate in the events that matter most to them which is mostly curated by current society.  One such new focus we have seen becoming vital to the younger generation is a great focus on exercise, fitness and healthier eating habits.  An industry embraced by adults for years now we have seen an explosion in interest by the kids in the use of gyms and other physical activity and workout programs like CIZE.  With exercise and healthy living integrating into mainstream society so much nowadays we decided to do a little researching of our own to see just how integral it is for the students.  Here are a few of the thoughts we have about some of the facts and statistics are investigative team discovered all of which are highlighted in this .

Youth Interesting Fact and Stat #1 – Percentage Of Children Age 5 – 10 Who Do Not Get Enough Exercise (75%)

This is a pretty staggering fact when you think about it.  This means that three our of every four kids do not get enough fitness in their lives and we found this completely shocking.  What this number really tells us is that as educators we really need to be doing a better job at implementing fitness into the school schedules.  We are now looking into new ways outside of physical education to get the kids more active.

Youth Interesting Fact and Stat #2 – Number Of Kids Age 2 – 18 That Are Considered Obese (12.5 Million)

Its pretty scary to think that this many in the younger generation are overweight and out of shape.  Poor diets and lack of activity are really starting to impact America and now it is our jobs as teachers to start to try and reverse this negative trend and we feel a large improvement could be made by enhancing school lunches and teaching more about healthy eating habits.  Were planning to include some new educational materials on this very subject in classes like science and social studies now.

Youth Interesting Fact and Stat #3 – Minutes Of Daily Moderate To Vigorous Play Kids Need To Remain At A Healthy Weight (60)

We were surprised to see that all that is needed for kids to keep a good health routine is one hour of intense play activity.  One hour out of a twenty four hour day does not seem outlandish by any means and should be able to be easily fit into any school or daily curriculum.  If you could see any one particular change to add more active playtime into a child’s school day what would it be?