man-coffee-cup-penThe Panther Newspaper Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) – News With Your Name On It

At the Panther Newspaper we strive to cover the news without bias and always attempt to give the people what they want.  We want to cover the school news in the most appropriate way possible while also reporting on important topics and subjects that hold value to the surrounding communities as well.  As a local newspaper we feel it is our duty to report on the local happenings that matter most and at the same time provide education and knowledge for the students.  This school newspaper is truly about giving back to not only the students but parents and the town as well.  Because we are so closely connected to and focused on the community we often get lots of questions about the newspaper so we have taken the time here on this frequently asked questions (FAQ) to go over some of the more common inquires that are thrown are way.

The Panther Newspaper Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #1:  Do You Cover News and Events Outside of School?

Of course we can not covering everything at the newspaper but the answer is yes we love to cover off campus going ons.  We try to stick to news stories that have some relationship to the students or provides some educational value because after all we are a school newspaper but we are always open to suggestions.  If you have a news story or event you think we would be interested in covering by all means please do send it on over.

The Panther Newspaper Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #2:  What If I Need Something Corrected In A News Story?

We want every story we cover in the newspaper to be as accurate as possible so if you do ever find any errors or omissions please do report them to us immediately.  Every newspaper we publish has an editorial corrections section that put updates and notes in to the readers when a story needs correcting or some updating.  Accuracy is very important so if you do see any facts that are out of order drop us a note and we will get it fixed in the next issue.

The Panther Newspaper Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #3:  How Do I Run Advertising For My  Business In The Newspaper?

We do run a small amount of advertising each month in the newspaper but we are very selective about who we let run ads.  Being a school newspaper with a mostly student based readership we have to be very careful when choosing which businesses are allowed to promote there products.  If you think your business aligns well with student goals and needs be sure to contact our ad department and they can over the details with as well let you know if your business would be approved.