coffee-flower-reading-magazineWhen it comes to school news, information, gossip and politics we want to stay ahead of the class (pun intended) in bringing readers all latest local updates and coverage.  From sporting events to dances to charity drives and everything in between we want to cover it in a manner that showcases and highlights what school spirit is all about.  Regardless if it is a campus crisis or a reason to celebrate we want disseminate the news with honesty, integrity and clarity.  All of our reporters take great pride in covering the news fairly and go above and beyond to get the true story and all the facts straight.  The Panther Newspaper is a news outlet that really wants to capture and embody anything and everything school spirit related.  Want to know a local sports score?  We have you covered!  Want to find what happened in the latest school election?  Check out our politics section!  What we are really trying to say is that we have news for everyone so be sure to pick up a latest copy of the newspaper and give us read.